Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

Neiss Labs Limited is the best PCD pharma company in India. We offer brands on franchise to potential business entrepreneurs. Are you too interested to get pharma franchise? Expand your pharma business right away by contacting us for superb products with exclusive distribution rights. Neiss Labs offers distinguished brands as well as me too products, depending on the market requirements.

  • Get Pharma Distributorship – and make more money
  • Sell high-end pharma generics
  • Distribute high-tech nutritional brands
  • Pitch more reputed healthcare brands to doctors
  • Match business targets and win rewards, now or never

If your dream is short and inconsistent, I am not the right partner for you. But if you dream larger than this earth, live this life with me. And I can make you explore places unimagined before.

   -  Mohit M Jain, Managing Director, Neiss Labs Limited

Pharma Distribution Products

Get pharma products for distribution on exclusive marketing rights. Neiss Labs Limited products are well-recognized by pharma distributors across India. The hunt to expand pharma business and the best pharma distributor is on.

Branded Generics

150+ pharma formulations having brand names with applied or registered trade marks. Some of these are also being exported globally.

Nutraceutical Products

Neiss Labs is a pioneer in the nutraceutical segment. We offer the best nutraceutical products for distribution having GMP certificates.

Contract Manufacturing

We also offer contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products with comfortable minimum order quantity and rates.

Get Pharma Franchise

Get franchise business from the best PCD pharma company in India. Meet exciting business targets and win attractive rewards. Grow your pharma business today with Neiss Labs products.

Looking for Pharma Franchisee

Neiss Labs is looking for pharma franchisee owners to expand its portfolio across India. We are searching for potential business partners, who will distribute our brands in their own cities.

Exclusive Territorial Distribution

Get exclusive distribution rights in your own city or territories of choice with the products of your choice. This is the opportunity to work independently and be your own boss.

Meet Unique Pharma Brands

Take franchise of cardio-diabetes products, franchise of antibacterial products, franchise of injectables, franchise of eye drops, franchise of derma products and of course, franchise of nutrition brands.

Become a Market Leader

We are the best PCD pharma franchise company in India. Franchising with us makes you the best pharma franchisee. Earn your own name and fame by doing business with us.

Best Selling Pharma Products

The best selling pharma product formulations in India can be now in your kitty. You can now sell and market the hot cakes of Indian pharma industry. Become our Franchise Distributor today.

Pharma Franchisees
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