Neuro Product Suppliers in India :

Neurology is the branch of medicine related with the study and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. The nervous system comprises of Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) and Peripheral Nervous System (eyes, ears, skin, and other sensory receptors). Neurological drugs are made for these parts of the body. Neuro experts who treat disorders affecting the central and peripheral nervous system are termed as Neurologists. They prescribe medicines for diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, headache, seizure disorder and others.
Neurological drugs are used for the treatment concerning the nervous system especially the brain, peripheral nerves and spinal cord. We supply a variety of neurology drugs like Citicoline Tablets and Injections, Citicoline and Piracetam Tablets, Mecobalamine Injections, Mecobalamin and Pregabalin Capsules, Mecobalamin and Gabapentin Tablets. Contact us to get full range Franchise of neuro products in your city.