• Pharma Franchise available from the Best Pharma PCD Company in India

Neiss Labs is looking for pharma franchise distributors from all over India. We offer exclusive marketing rights to business entrepreneurs interested in taking franchise. Neiss is super good in terms of antibiotic tablets and injectables. We also offer antivirals and anti-malarial injections. Franchise opportunities are also available for anti-fungal range. There are also anti-tussives available in the form of cold and cough preparations. Orthopaedic products are topping the Indian pharmaceutical market because of rising osteoarthritis in the country. In Pharma, we are also operating in gastro, derma, gynac, neuro, cardio-diabetes, ophtha, etc.

Pharma franchise is a blooming business for entrepreneurs with pharma work experience. Contact us to get pharma franchise to explore more business opportunities locally. Get monopoly rights on marketing Neiss brands in your own city. Now you can avail unique rare formulations in good rates. Call or email us now!